Punta Cana as a medical tourism destination

What to do in Punta Cana – Dominican Republic?

The beaches: infinite beaches and the turquoise waters that bathe its coasts make traveling to Punta Cana the favorite option among the desired destinations in the Caribbean. Its exclusivity and authenticity make it unique compared to other neighboring regions of the Caribbean. The water is crystal clear, turquoise and warm, and the waves are not strong. Punta Cana is a destination visited by many tourists and the hotels take care of keeping the beaches extremely clean.

Its friendly people: The inhabitants of the Dominican Republic are very friendly. The people who work in the tourist centers are always willing to help you plan your stay and ensure that you have the best experience in their country. It has all-inclusive hotels. Some resorts have diving, dancing and snorkeling classes.
La Mama Juana: Mama Juana is the traditional alcoholic drink of the Dominican Republic. It is made from rum, red wine, honey, and a mixture of branches and leaves from the Dominican rainforest. This traditional drink is strong and you cannot miss the experience of trying it.

Its tours: Punta Cana also has incredible tours that will make you live an unforgettable experience. You can escape to Saona Island, sail on a catamaran and enjoy its crystal clear waters or swim with dolphins and sharks.

For disco lovers, you can’t miss Coco Bongo!! It’s a variety show that includes different musical and dance shows by artists like ABBA, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson… and movies like the Mask, Chicago, Grease and so much more.

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