Cali as a dental tourism destination

What to do in Cali – Colombia?

Colombian it’s the capital of salsa: In Cali, salsa is a way of life. The city is even called the world capital of salsa because the rhythm doesn’t stop and people dance all night. Choose one of the salsa schools in the city to perfect your steps, or if you feel like throwing yourself into it, visit the salsa clubs where the locals come together to dance. This will make you fall in love with its rhythms and you will be infected with energy.

The delicious specialties of the region: The gastronomy of this city is rich in colors, flavors and exotic mixtures, as it combines Afro-Colombian, indigenous and mestizo ingredients and traditions. You can refresh your palate with its drinks and fruits, such as lulo or cholado juice (fruit granita, with delicious syrups), a salty meal such as arroz atollado (with meat and spices), crispy marranitas or fried pancakes called aborrajados. You can try all this and more only in Cali. Choose among the restaurants that the city offers with a variety of gastronomic alternatives.

Its History: Your first stop should be the historic neighborhood of San Antonio with its colonial architecture and the 18th-century church of San Antonio, to then take a walk through Plaza Caicedo and visit the neo-Gothic La Ermita and the baroque metropolitan cathedral of Saint Peter Apostle.

Get wild at El Zoológico de Cali, located west of the city with part of the city’s river running through it. The zoo is run by an environmental organization and has a huge number of species from both Colombia and the rest of the world. After this visit, embark on a getaway, 20 minutes from the center, to visit the Andoke Butterfly Park, where you can observe different species of these colorful creatures and learn about them in an exceptional rural setting.

Monument of Christ the King, the Christ of Cali or called Christ the Redeemer of Cali, is one of the most visited religious Tourist Sites in the City, the height where the Monument to Christ the King is located is 1,470 meters above sea level, you can enjoy its wonderful viewpoint, overlooking almost the entire city of Santiago de Cali, and the Farallones.

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